professor Ozpin

professor Ozpin


Professor Ozpin was the Headmaster of Beacon Academy, and an incarnation of Ozma, the ancient warrior dedicated to protecting Remnant from Salem. He is the first known incarnation after the King of Vale. During the Fall of Beacon, he was killed in battle with the newly ascended Fall Maiden, Cinder Fall.


beacon Academy was the Huntsman Academy of the Kingdom of Vale. The Academy prepared groups of Huntsmen and Huntresses to kill the different beasts that plague Remnant. It was overwhelmed following an ambush on the foundation drove by Cinder Fall related to Grimm and White Fang. Before its fall, the Headmaster of Beacon was Professor Ozpin.


During the Beacon Arc, Ozpin appears as though a moderately aged man with tousled silver hair and slight earthy colored eyes. He has a light appearance and sharp facial highlights. Strikingly, Ozpin has dark eyebrows, recommending that he may have had dark hair when he was more youthful. He wears brass glasses and a little purple cross-molded pin on the cowl around his neck. His outfit primarily comprises of an unfastened dark suit over a dull green, secured vest and green shirt. He likewise wears dark pant shoes and long, dim green jeans. Notwithstanding his stick, his other incessant embellishment is a mug bearing the Beacon Academy symbol, from which he drinks hot cocoa.

Powers and Abilities

Ozpin is ordinarily both unemotional and approachable towards individuals he addresses. He, similar to Ruby Rose, has been appeared to think outside the box. It very well may be gathered from his lack of concern toward Ruby battling Roman Torchwick, just as the manner in which he actually dispatches new understudies into the Emerald Forest for the Beacon Academy Initiation, that he has no genuine issue placing his understudies in mortal peril in the event that he feels they can deal with it, given the correct reasons or to achieve a target. This isn't to surmise that Ozpin tosses his understudies wildly into mortal peril. Or maybe, he thinks about that careful steps are taken. At the Beacon Academy Initiation, it was suggested that understudies ought to be at the expertise level where battling in the Emerald Forest would be suitable just as being lost a precipice and utilizing an arrival technique. Understudies were additionally being recorded the whole time rather than simply getting together with the understudies after they got their relics. Ozpin can be modest, conceding that he has committed numerous errors previously. Moreover, he has an all the more mindful side, ameliorating Ruby and guaranteeing her that her arrangement as group pioneer was not a misstep. He apparently cares for the prosperity of his understudies, similarly as with Blake Belladonna when he advised her in the event that she expected to reveal to him anything, she ought not spare a moment to inquire. Likewise, while Ozpin is a superintendent of a tracker and huntress foundation, he shows incredible consideration for the prosperity of his understudies in "Welcome to Beacon", where he construes that he trusts his understudies will never need to battle a war. Ozpin is likewise appeared to hold regard for the Faunus, something clarified during his discussion with Blake, yet is profoundly mindful of the racial separation they experience the ill effects of Humans.